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Client-Based Anti-Spam Software

Software that resides on your own computer, performing spam filtering as you receive it. Such software may be available as a stand-alone product that filters mail before reaching the email client or as an add-on that integrates with your email client.

Stand-alone software grants you the freedom to continue using the email client of your choice, while an add-on would require you to use an email client which is supported by the software. Nonetheless, add-on anti-spam utilities generally require less effort when it comes to managing spam by providing management options within the email client itself. When deployed throughout a network, client side antispam software allows each user to configure the software so that it performs according to that user's individual needs. But your administrator will have a rough time implementing and enforcing spam and email usage policies throughout a network due to its decentralized approach.

ASB AntiSpam     [Listing added: 22 May 2005]
ASB AntiSpam blocks spam by sending an authorization request to new senders. The request must be responded to before the e-mail message is allowed to enter your inbox. ASB AntiSpam works with any e-mail client, and supports an unlimited number of e-mail accounts. Setup is easy. There is no need to reconfigure your e-mail client.

Company:ASB Software
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Outlook Spam Filter     [Listing added: 22 May 2005]
An easy-to-use Microsoft Outlook add-on designed to provide an advanced protection against spammers and unsolicited emails. The program uses Bayesian filtering technology that identifies about 97% of incoming spam messages. Outlook Spam Filter seamlessly integrates into the Microsoft Outlook workspace, scanning and quarantining away junk emails. Caught spam is placed in a special 'Spam' folder under your inbox if you ever want to review it later.

Company:SoftLogica LLC
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Spam Alarm     [Listing added: 25 August 2003]
Spam Alarm is a highly configurable and extremely efficient e-mail scanning software solution which can be tailored specifically to your system to remove the unsolicited e-mail. Spam Alarm utilizes our innovative multilevel filtering, statistical analysis of individual words and heuristic scanning. Key Features: blocks 99% of spam with zero false positives; standalone application - your e-mail client remains intact; multiple e-mail account processing; attractive user interface with the skin engine; no special configuration is required; Black and White lists are available for precise settings; no user interaction - works quietly in your system tray; mail alerts with sound; automatic filter updates - spam filters will never 'expire'.

Company:Dignity Software
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SpamButcher     [Listing added: 22 May 2005]
SpamButcher is an advanced client-side anti-spam filter. It will solve your spam problem. Every few minutes Spam Butcher checks for new messages in your inbox. If it finds any spam, it's moved to a holding area for your later examination. Spam Butcher utilizes a fuzzy logic expert system to determine which messages are spam, and which aren't. This technology results in a higher intercept rate with fewer false positives than competing anti-spam products. SpamButcher can optionally send you scheduled reports of intercepted spam via e-mail. With supported e-mail clients, inadvertently filtered messages can be restored directly from the reports. SpamButcher does not work with AOL or Hotmail accounts.

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Qurb Spam     [Listing added: 18 November 2003]
Buy Qurb Today!In much the same way that caller ID is used to screen telemarketing calls, Qurb software keeps junk e-mail out of your Inbox by screening the senders of inbound e-mail messages against a list of Approved Senders. Qurb automatically builds and maintains your personal list of Approved Senders. When you first install Qurb, it will compile the list of Approved Senders by scanning your contacts, sent and saved mail messages. Then, as you compose and work with received messages, Qurb will automatically add or remove addresses from the list of Approved Senders appropriately. Incoming messages from Approved Senders are delivered directly to your Inbox. All other incoming messages from unknown senders are quarantined in the Qurb folder for later review.

Company:Qurb, Inc.
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Spam Arrest     [Listing added: 25 August 2003]
When an email arrives from an unknown sender, a reply email is sent back asking the sender to verify themselves by clicking on a link to the Spam Arrest website. The link takes them to a page where they are instructed to type in a word that is shown in a picture. This step prevents automated systems, such as those used to send spam, for authorizing themselves, yet is very easy for any human to complete. Unverified emails are stored on the Spam Arrest website for 7 days, and you may review them at any time. You may also allow pre-authorized senders and mailing lists at any time, either by entering them individually, or by uploading your entire address book.

Company:Spam Arrest, LLC
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Spam Bully     [Listing added: 25 August 2003]
Spam Bully utilizes the latest technology which learns from spammers messages and continually adjusts itself to protect your mailbox. Using proactive rather than reactive methods for eliminating spams, it can block over 99% of spam in most cases.

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MailWasher Pro     [Listing added: 25 August 2003]
MailWasher Pro allows you to preview multiple accounts and all aspects of your e-mail before you download it. It also allows you to delete and bounce e-mail back to the originator. The sender will receive an e-mail saying the address is unknown. Another feature helps identify and mark e-mail as normal, virus, possibly virus, possibly spam, probably spam, chain letter, and blacklisted, so you can deal with the e-mail as you wish. Other features are comprehensive customizable filters, use of public blacklists to identify spammers, multiple accounts, and much more. MailWasher Pro is compatible with POP3/Hotmail/MSN.

Company:Firetrust Limited
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McAfee SpamKiller     [Listing added: 13 July 2005]
SpamKiller makes copies of all automatically filtered mail. It allows you to filter any part of a message, including the text, headers, and country codes. The friends list allows desired e-mail to reach you. The filter wizard makes it easy to add your own filters, and you can download online updates. It also allows you to automatically send complaints and error messages to spammers. It handles any number of MSN/Hotmail, POP3 and MAPI accounts. It can block all messages from senders not on your friends list. It supports Microsoft Network e-mail and extended MAPI.

Company:McAfee, Inc.
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Feox for Outlook/OE     [Listing added: 13 February 2006]
Easy to use Outlook and Outlook Express spam blocker. Fits right into your Outlook Express toolbar. Choose who and what is allowed into your Inbox. Bounce spam back. Report spammers to the authorities. Forward only good emails to your cell phone. Challenge emails. Convert the Feox toolbar into English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian. Fully customizable.

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Edovia AntiSpam     [Listing added: 19 March 2005]
Edovia AntiSpam plugs right in Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, without interfering with the way you send and receive email. Edovia AntiSpam comes in action when you are receiving new emails or when you are using one of its many functionnalities, all available on a convenient toolbar.

Company:Edovia Technologies

SAproxy Pro     [Listing added: 3 October 2004]
SAproxy Pro is based on SpamAssassin - one of the most trusted and widely used anti-spam products in the world. SAproxy Pro takes the same professional-grade anti-spam technology used by professional computer programmers and network administrators and makes it accessible to computer users with every level of expertise and need. SAproxy Pro works with any desktop email program. Features include: Heuristic Rules; Bayesian Learning; Community Blacklists; Historical Averaging; Custom whitelists and blacklists.

Company:Stata Labs, Inc.

Dewqs' NMS for Outlook     [Listing added: 15 May 2004]
Dewqs' NMS is an anti spam filter working between your email server and your regular email client (MS Outlook Express, for instance). You can use it either manually, to be notified of any new incoming mail and have full control over what's going to be deleted before it reaches your IN-box, or automatically, in which case the log-book and the quarantine folder will help you decide afterhand whether you've made the right choice. You can then either empty the quarantine folder, or rescue the couple of false alarms that NMS may have triggered. Dewqs' NMS is nothing but an icon in your system tray. A balloon pops up when you receive email. You can then open the main window (or have it display automatically, whatever you've been working on in the meantime) and delete the spam received. NMS will then invoke your regular email client to receive the legitimate email only.

Company:Dewqs' Tribes
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AntiSpamWare     [Listing added: 9 April 2004]
AntiSpamWare can clear unwanted mails not just from POP3 mailboxes but also from AOL and Hotmail mailboxes. AntiSpamWare is able to recognize and delete unwanted mail; in addition, however, it also offers a whole range of interesting capabilities to stop it being sent in the first place. For instance, it allows complaint mails to be dispatched to the senders of junk mail and their Internet providers, so helping to stem the flood of advertising mails over time.

Company:IOK Internet Services GmbH & Co. KG

LashBack     [Listing added: 31 March 2004]
LashBack is the only spam elimination solution that automates the opt-out process. Working hand-in-hand with new antispam legislation (CAN-SPAM Act). LashBack’s patented opt-out service forces advertisers to respect your request to stop the spam. LashBack Outlook Edition seamlessly integrates into MS Outlook by adding a customizable toolbar for you to quickly report new spam. One simple click automatically bans the spammer from ever again successfully delivering you unwanted messages, removes it from your inbox, unsubscribes you from future advertisements and notifies the LashBack Community. If LashBack’s automated service verifies the message is spam it’s automatically blocked for everyone else in the community and opt-out requests are automatically posted. With zero false positive filtering and complete control of your email, it's hard to imagine why anyone would settle for a simple spam filter or delete key. Take back control of your inbox and LashBack against spam.

Company:LashBack, LLC.

Spam Catcher     [Listing added: 23 February 2004]
Are you annoyed, harassed, or just plain fed up with SPAM?! Do you wish you'd never see a chain letter email, a virus hoax, or a weight loss opportunity - and hope you never will again? If so, we've got good news for you! SpamCatcher blocks 99% of your unwanted emails, making sure you get only the email you want. Features: Block 99% of unwanted email; Set up in 5 minutes; Totally integrated with Outlook; Works with HotMail and Eudora; Five powerful Anti-Spam Engines keep your inbox clean.

Company:Aladdin Systems, Inc.

SpamStopUp     [Listing added: 23 February 2004]
SpamStopUp is an e-mail filter that effectively blocks unwanted junk e-mail messages. It filters mail on the fly, working unnoticeably to the user. You can precisely define filtering methods and forget about junk e-mail messages clogging your inbox. SpamStopUp supports all popular e-mail clients (e.g. Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, The Bat! etc.). It's ready to use immediately after quick and easy installation. It has got a quarantine option that prevents your mail from being lost. With White (Friends) List and Blocked Senders List you can decide to never block some senders or always directly treat their mail messages as spam. There is no limit for the number of e-mail accounts.

Company:NEUTRON-IT Ltd.
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Ella for Spam Control     [Listing added: 23 February 2004]
Ella for Spam Control is the first Smart Inbox Assistant which learns by example how to personally organize and automate the processing of email messages from within the Outlook or Outlook Express Inbox. By using a Wizard and integrated training toolbar, users simply provide Ella for Spam Control a few examples of messages to keep in their Inbox, and messages to move to "Later Reading" and "Spam" review folders. Ella quickly learns the user-defined profiles and automatically places all new messages in the appropriate folders. The user can easily define new personal classifications for processing actions, converting these two classes into, for example, "Engineering Matters" and "Personal Correspondence". Ella's adaptive learning engine is built on a high-performance associative memory technology that observes user examples, then creates, updates, and maintains a message classification model unique to each individual. Over 100 attributes of the user's example messages are analyzed and learned by Ella in order to create the profile for the user-defined message categories. As the user's class definitions or preferences change, Ella adapts in response to user actions as new messages are moved, continuously refining the model of user's email sorting behaviors.

Company:Open Field Software, Inc.
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SPAMfighter     [Listing added: 8 February 2004]
SPAMfighter is a free plug-in for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, that automatically and efficiently blocks spam. Whenever new mail arrives, it will automatically be tested by the SPAMfighter server, and if it's spam, it will be moved to your spam folder. If you receive a spam mail that is not detected, push one button, and the spam mail is removed from the rest of the 340.000 SPAMfighters in 142 countries in seconds. SPAMfighter is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish and Danish.

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Spam Blackout     [Listing added: 24 January 2004]
Blocks Spam from your Inbox. Spam Blackout is safe and easy-to-use. Powerful Spam Filtering Engine. Works with Any Email Client Program e.g. Ms Outlook etc. Can interface with your Anti-Virus Scanner. Downloads from Hotmail, POP3 & IMAP. Spam Filters include Internet BlackList lookup for known spammers, Friends/Enemy List, Bayesian Analysis, Regular Spam Expressions, Email Attachment Filter, option to strip all HTML & Attachments from Emails.

Company:Heidi Computers Ltd.
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Norton AntiSpam 2004     [Listing added: 17 January 2004]
Symantec's Norton AntiSpam 2004 filters unwanted email out of your inbox. Working with any POP3 email program, it filters incoming mail on multiple levels, detecting and flagging unsolicited messages while promptly delivering valid mail. To make your online time more enjoyable, Norton AntiSpam also blocks intrusive pop-up and banner ads. Filters unwanted email messages in any POP3-compliant email program by adding a "spam" tag in the Subject field. Integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, and Eudora by adding spam-fighting functions to their toolbars. Works with Outlook to filter out junk email from Hotmail and MSN Mail accounts. LiveUpdate automatically checks for new protection updates when you're online. (Twelve months of protection updates included with purchase of Norton AntiSpam 2004; annual subscriptions available for subsequent updates.)

Company:Symantec Corporation

Inbox100     [Listing added: 14 January 2004]
Inbox100 keeps your inbox 100% clear of spam – from the moment it is installed. Only e-mails from your approved list are permitted into your inbox. This approved list is automatically developed from your Address Book and Sent Items folder on installation. All e-mails from other senders are quarantined. E-mails in your quarantine folder are ranked according to the spam probability rating making Inbox100 the software that is quick and easy to identify legitimate mail. The ranking is based on Bayesian scoring and learns from both every spam and legitimate e-mail. Inbox100 has customizable settings allowing auto-deletion of spam mail, plus the optional addition of approved senders from other e-mail folders. Inbox100 also automatically deactivates Web beacons inserted into spam mail – ensuring the user can safely view mail without confirming their e-mail address to spammers. Inbox100 also protects your approved list from virus attack. Works with POP3 and Exchange Mail accounts.

Company:SentryBay Corporation
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Spamlook 2003     [Listing added: 2 January 2004]
Spamlook is an advanced antispam technology designed as a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. With Spamlook you don't have to check all the messages you receive and delete the unwanted ones. Spamlook does it for you. It works in the background and makes sure your time and attention are not wasted on emails you don't want to read. Spamlook embeds SpamSensor, an innovative engine in the spam detection arena. SpamSensor takes decisions analysing the entire email, including the full set of Internet headers, and focuses on the content of the message. The result is great efficiency and ability to indentify new spam messages as they appear.

Company:Digit Design Ltd.
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Spam Sweeper     [Listing added: 21 December 2003]
Spam Sweeper scans your e-mail account and moves all junk mail (spam, adult content offers, chain letters, jokes, image files, e-mail worms and viruses, harassment and threats, e-mail bombs, etc) to a special folder and remove it before entering your Inbox. This software compares your incoming messages to our huge database of all existing junk e-mails (keyword, subject, header, sender blacklist, country, attachment, etc) to find if there is a positive match.
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Broadband AntiSpam     [Listing added: 21 December 2003]
Broadband Antispam is a spam filter which uses your permanent cable, ADSL, leased line or ISDN connection to do frequent and thorough checking of your POP account. It uses a variety of methods to detect spam such as: Testing against several lists of spammers continually updated on the Internet, Testing of many of the fields in the email header against information on the Internet, Testing of keywords in the email subject and body and Testing against user configurable blacklists and whitelists. Messages, that it considers spam are removed from your POP box and displayed in the lower part of the interface. They are not deleted, but kept for a user defined period of days, so you can review them to make sure that they are indeed junk mail. You can also choose to decode any attachments and save them to local disk.
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G-Lock SpamCombat     [Listing added: 30 November 2003]
G-Lock SpamCombat is spam filtering software that lets you remove spam emails just from the mail server without pulling them down into your Inbox. SpamCombat takes the decision about spam at the result of passing incoming emails through its filters. DNSBL filter and the Bayesian filter are used to identify spam. DNSBL filter consists in comparing the senders' IP addresses against lists of known spam databases using Public Blacklists (also called DNSBL lists). The Bayesian filter is the most powerful spam filter based on the analysis of the message content and mathematical calculation of spam. Applying the Bayesian filter to incoming messages allows to determine up to 99.5% of spam emails. For your convenience and saving time, SpamCombat lets you 'whitelist' emails you receive from known senders. These may be your friends, customers, co-workers, newsletter senders you subscribed to and other people you really wan to receive emails. Opposite to the 'whitelist' there is the 'blacklist' to which you can add suspicious, unknown or unwanted emails or their senders. The messages can be whitelisted or blacklisted based on any words from the message header and/or body, and on the sender's IP address. The ability to create the whitelist/blacklist lets you save time when processing incoming emails and allows the program to accurately refer messages to good or spam.

Company:G-Lock Software
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EmailProtect     [Listing added: 30 November 2003]
Keep unwanted email out of your Inbox with EmailProtect. Get EmailProtect and get rid of spam! Email users frequently complain about the alarming number of email scams, unsolicited offers, and even pornographic email they receive. You can protect yourself by keeping unwanted email OUT of your Inbox with EmailProtect. Features and Benefits: Provides pre-set protection against pornography, Protects multiple email accounts automatically, Supports POP email software, Sends unwanted email to Quarantine before you see it, Acts on your unlimited custom filters, Downloads filter updates automatically, Easily add your friends to your Safe List, No complicated account names or server names to type, Saves settings for convenient backups for use at work & home, Dozens of filtering categories available.

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SpamJail     [Listing added: 22 November 2003]
SpamJail sits in between your standard email client and the mail server. It downloads all emails on your behalf and processes them to determine which emails are allowed to reach your email client. If it does not recognize the sender, it automatically sends him or her a request to register. This by itself immediately blocks almost all junk emails from reaching your system. SpamJail sees the email message destined for your mailbox. It finds your SpamJail protected addresses based on the "To:", so it compares the "'From:" address to the registry, but does not find it. So, SpamJail holds the e-mail on your POP3 Server, and sends a registration request back to the original sender. When the sender makes simple reply( without any changes in message ), SpamJail instantly releases the quarantined e-mail to you, and permits future correspondence from this source without challenge. Works with most POP mail clients or choose full transparent integration with MS Outlook.

Company:ESofty Inc.
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Spam CounterStrike     [Listing added: 22 November 2003]
Keep spam out of your inbox with Spam CounterStrike, the most effective and easiest to use spam filter available today. Spam CounterStrike works with your e-mail program to check spam. Each e-mail is judged to be spam as it is downloaded. There is no risk of losing any of e-mail since spam is placed outside of the inbox for review or deletion at your convenience.

Company:Amazing Storm, Inc.
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Lockspam     [Listing added: 22 November 2003]
Lockspam is a safe anti spam software for Microsoft Outlook (not Outlook Express or other email client). As an Outlook add-on, it is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Outlook to stop spam from pouring into your mailbox. What's unique about Lockspam lies in its high safety. It employs Polesoft unique patent-pending anti spam technology which specially focuses more attention on safeguarding your good mails in addition to blocking spams. As a result, your correspondence and privacy gets perfect protection. Lockspam is a safe anti spam software for Microsoft Outlook (not Outlook Express or other email client). As an Outlook add-on, it is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Outlook to stop spam from pouring into your mailbox. What's unique about Lockspam lies in its high safety. It employs Polesoft unique patent-pending anti spam technology which specially focuses more attention on safeguarding your good mails in addition to blocking spams. As a result, your correspondence and privacy gets perfect protection.

Company:Polesoft Inc.
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Lyris MailShield Desktop     [Listing added: 18 November 2003]
Lyris MailShield Desktop is a software tool that lets you identify and delete spam instantly -- before it gets to your inbox! MailShield Desktop's unique, 'fuzzy logic' scanner is highly effective at filtering spam without obstructing your legitimate mail. The product also lets you customize your own rules to block known spammers, filtering on the body, subject line, and message header. MailShield Desktop runs on Windows, and is compatible with POP3, IMAP, MAPI4, and MSN/Hotmail accounts.

Company:Lyris Technologies, Inc.
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Xtrawise Anti-Spam Filter     [Listing added: 13 November 2003]
Xtrawise Anti-Spam Filter supports all standard email clients without any configuration including Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Opera, Eudora and Pegasus Mail. Xtrawise Anti-Spam Filter operates like a Firewall - it will automatically intercept and filter all incoming email. Bayesian filtering determines the probability that incoming email is Spam by examining every part of the message. Includes challenge/response authentication, user defined blacklists and whitelists, plus trojan and virus protection. AOL, IMAP4, MSN Hotmail and Yahoo!Mail support coming very soon.
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9.95 SPAM STOPPER     [Listing added: 19 October 2003]
SPAM STOPPER filters irritating junk emails before they even reach your child's inbox or yours. Works With All Email Clients: Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, Eudora, Pegasus Mail, Phoenix Mail, Opera, Mozilla. SPAM STOPPER starts automatically when you turn on your computer. It hides in the background and filters incoming spam before it gets in your mailbox. You can also create a list of friends ("white list"), a specialized enemy list ("black list"), build your personal rules and more. It has a recycle bin that is saving deleted spam messages so you can undelete them if needed.

Company:9.95 SOFT.
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Spam OFF     [Listing added: 19 October 2003]
Spam OFF is a "setup once and forget" solution to eliminating spam and viruses in your emails. 4 advanced algorithms are used in sequence to scan every incoming email for spam or virus presence. Legitimate emails automatically go to your Inbox, while spam and infected messages are placed in Quarantine. Designed from the bottom up to be effective and unobtrusive, most of the time you won't even remember it's there. Spam OFF is compatible with all POP3 clients, including MS Outlook, Outlook Express, IncrediMail, Poco Mail, Eudora, etc.

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SpamAgent     [Listing added: 19 October 2003]
SpamAgent is an email monitoring and filtering tool that allows you to get the email you want - and nothing more. SpamAgent has a comprehensive set of filters (over 1500!) that block spam and unwanted emails - before they reach your inbox! SpamAgent is also a great solution for protection your PC's security and privacy by allowing you to block potentially damaging attachments, and for fighting against spam.

Company:Spytech Software and Design, Inc.
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Clove AntiSpam     [Listing added: 19 October 2003]
Clove AntiSpam is an easy-to-use utility to protect Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003 against spam, which can automatically quarantine spam outside of your inbox whenever new mail arrives. No user interaction - Works quietly in your Outlook, Clove AntiSpam will automatically scan your inbox and quarantine spam outside of your inbox when new mail arrives! Zero false positives - Clove AntiSpam will never delete your E-mail permanently, it just quarantine spam into special spam folder (such as Deleted Items Folder). So you will not lose any importnat E-mail by mistake when using Clove AntiSpam. Advanced approximate pattern matching analysis - Works smartly in your Outlook, Clove AntiSpam blocks up to 98% of spam.

Company:CloveSoft, Inc.
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Spam Nullifier Pro     [Listing added: 19 October 2003]
Eliminate Junk E-Mail Spam, Viruses, Tojans & Spyware. Works with POP3, IMAP, HTTP. Spam Nullifier PRO Anti Spam Filter is an e-mail checker program with effective spam elimination. Discover the safe way to stop unwanted viruses & spam e-mails before they get to your computer. Can even be used as an effective privacy tool. You will find this to be the easiest, most effective way to manage your incoming e-mails like a pro in seconds., Inc.
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Mailbox Filter     [Listing added: 19 October 2003]
SMART Spam Control for POP3, AOL, HOTMAIL, MSN, YAHOO accounts. No Annual Subscriptions. Works with POP3 Email Programs - Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Incredimail and others. Auto Import of address books. Self Learning Filters, SmartLock virus protection, unlimited accounts & profiles. Smart ID security, Smart MailRouter filters by addresses & domains.

Company:Triumvirate Technologies, Inc.
Screenshot:click here

WinAntiSpam     [Listing added: 19 October 2003]
WinAntiSPAM is used to protect your e-mail boxes from unwanted mail. Working on the principle of mail gateway between e-mail server and your e-mail client (e.g. Outlook, Pegasus, Eudora, IncrediMail, etc.), this program lets you achieve results in blocking and deleting SPAM. Major program features: - Integration with your e-mail client. - Blocking up to 100% of all incoming SPAM. - Traffic and time saving (due to deleting SPAM immediately on server). - Processing in manual or fully automatic mode (you may forget about installed program that protects your e-mail boxes from unwanted mail). - Working with white and black e-mail lists as well as with the whole domains or address masks. - Customizable "Request for Authorization" mode and request reason text. - Full program workflow control and thoroughful logging. - Intuitive interface.

Company:OfficeTune Inc.
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SpamRemover     [Listing added: 18 October 2003]
Spam Remover - a tool that filters your incoming mail by content and sender. You know it - SPAM is here to stay. Product Features: Word Filter -a pre-defined, customizable list of words that are most likely to appear in a SPAM mail (e.g. "offer", "opt in", "subscribe", "free"). Aggressiveness - you can set up the way Spam Remover scans, filters and delivers your e-mail Training Area - the program actually "learns" from you what mails to treat as SPAM as it works. Easy-to-use wizard to integrate the application in the most popular mail clients (Outlook, Netscape Mail, Eudora, Pegasus Mail, Phoenix.
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SpamWasher     [Listing added: 30 September 2003]
This unique and intuitive product allows you to block spam from entering your inbox, while allowing e-mail from trusted senders to pass immediately. Featuring an interface, manage potential spam e-mails, accounts and rules. Users can easily import accounts, import address books and trusted friends, and let SpamWasher do the rest. This product accurately and quickly detects spam e-mail while allowing non-spam e-mail to pass to your e-mail program. The newest release helps block Viruses and other potentially dangerous files by preventing the files from reaching the users e-mail program and not allowing the files to be opened or executed on a user’s system. The blocked messages are then deleted without the chance of them infecting the system. Panicware products come with free technical support, free lifetime updates and an unconditional guarantee.

Company:Panicware, Inc.
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Motino     [Listing added: 3 September 2003]
Motino integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP to intercept junk mail and keep it out of your Inbox. Motino is the first step in the Angenous Motino Junk Mail System, an integrated server and client approach to eliminating junk email once and for all.

Company:Angenous Limited

CoffeeCup Spam Blocker     [Listing added: 25 August 2003]
Spam Blocker works with any POP3 email account. It checks your HTML and Text email and removes spam right from the mail server so you never see it in your regular inbox. Then you can review the suspicious emails in Spam Blocker and choose to keep them or delete them forever. You can even send 'Bounce Back' messages to the spammers telling them that your email address does not exist so they remove you from their lists! It automatically Removes Attached Viruses, and can block unwanted email by Country, Email Address, Domain, and Keywords using our pre-defined Blacklists (or create your own). You can setup Spam Blocker to check multiple email accounts. You can even Import your address book from Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, or any .txt file so you don't have to worry about email from people you trust getting marked as spam.

Company:CoffeeCup Software
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Inbox Protector     [Listing added: 25 August 2003]
Inbox Protector is a Microsoft Outlook add-in, which integrates seamlessly with Outlook giving users a fast and easy way to remove unwanted junk mail from their inbox. A range of settings can be used to customize the program to meet your specific needs. Individual senders can also be black listed or white listed regardless of content.

Company:GBS Design Inc.
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Spam Interceptor     [Listing added: 25 August 2003]
Spam Interceptor is an Email Authentication System invented by SolidBlue Software. It completely eliminates the need for regular spam filters and blackhole lists. SI ensures your email contains no bulk-mail (Spam).

Company:SolidBlue Software Inc.

SpamCatcher Outlook     [Listing added: 25 August 2003]
Mailshell SpamCatcher combines advanced spam filtering with a simple maintenance-free system to make sure you get only the email you want without any time, effort or changes to your existing email setup. The system quietly and transparently integrates with Microsoft Outlook and ensures fast, accurate and trouble-free filtering with Mailshell's two-pronged approach to fighting spam: thousands of rules, combined with Mailshell's massive SpamCatcher real-time database of millions of email signatures. Customized approved / blocked lists allow users to personalize filtering and caught spam is quarantined in a special 'SpamCatcher' folder right in Outlook.

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SpamEater Pro     [Listing added: 25 August 2003]
SpamEater Pro is an advanced anti-spam and email notification system. Some notable features in SpamEater Pro include: Flexible rules based filtering engine. Rules Wizard to make creating new rules easy. Easy to add your own rules to filter other messages you don't want. Fast online updates for adding new and updates rules. Option to view headers of messages and status of filter processing. Unlimited number of POP3 mail servers (profiles) can be configured. Integrated support for blacklists (RBL, RSS, DUL, ORBZ). Archive locally message deleted from the mail server. Resend archived message to any specified email address, and much more!

Company:High Mountain Software
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SpamSubtract     [Listing added: 25 August 2003]
SpamSubtract keeps unwanted email out of your Inbox, allowing you to deal with spam on your own time. It's a simple, yet powerful tool to make your daily life more productive. You will only get the email you want to get - SpamSubtract will never filter mail from your friends and family. Designed for the typical computer user, SpamSubtract is simple to use, requiring no complicated setup process.

Company:interMute Inc.
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SpamWeasel     [Listing added: 25 August 2003]
This junkmail-busting freeware utility will K.O. spam according to both objective and personal criteria, deleting or archiving it while placing an optional warning notice on any suspected spam mail it allows through to your mailbox. When suspect spam mail is marked for rejection, you can delete it even before it reaches your mailbox. Alternatively, Archive Viewing allows you to collect and divert unwanted mail away from your active mailbox and action or delete it at leisure. The program arrives preconfigured, collects mail from multiple POP accounts, uses powerful and flexible rules to identify spam and permits a range of user-defined actions including passing, blocking, labelling, deleting, archiving, viewing, sorting and re-delivery, and works with any client.

Company:Mailgate Ltd.
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Zero Spam     [Listing added: 25 August 2003]
Zero Spam gives you the power to intelligently and easily filter out spam emails without writing any rule or configuration, Zero Spam is a small (less than 200kb) and efficient Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP add-in, which automatically scans incoming emails, redirecting spam emails to a separate folder with high accuracy and with few or no false alarms. The longer you use, the better it performs because Zero Spam unintrusively learns from what you do by using advanced machine learning and intelligent agent technologies. Zero Spam also removes web bugs, scripts and other tracking objects by converting HTML emails to plain text emails. By removing the tracking, Zero Spam significantly reduces the future spams.

Company:Tooto Technologies
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FraudEliminator Pro

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